BrewDogging #7; Trashy Blonde

Before you start to carp that journalistic standards are slipping chez Reluctant, let me assure you that I don't give a shit. It's Saturday, I've been out on the Thornbridge Jaipur and I've just spent ten minutes with my right hand in a chicken.

Whilst the oven warms, I've just enough time to sink a Dog and blog about it. I could tell you a story about Trashy Blonde, how I first drank it at an event called Beer Exposed and tried desperately to take a photo of the trashy blonde next to me drinking a bottle of the stuff. But that story isn't funny anymore.

Chugged straight from the bottle, I was surprised how malty this Trashy Blonde came across. Plenty very much of mango-laden passion-fruited slightly-overdone hoppiness took over and, sadly, those sweet malts were swamped. It was almost annoying at the end - I like a dollop of Amarillo as much as the next hophead, but at ABVs this low (4.1%) you need a littlebitta malt to carry the beer onward.

Now then. I have a chicken laden with lemon, cumin, ginger, garlic and coriander in the oven. I now have to go and choose a wine to go with it. That's right - beer is a wonderous thing, goes great with food.... but there are times when nothing pairs up better than a robust bottle of vino. For a statement like that, I ought to burn my membership card of the Beer Writers Guild, except that I don't seem to have paid my subs yet (sorry, Adrian).

So; Trashy Blonde. Unbalanced. Top-heavy. Promises the earth but forgets to deliver. All which make it a thoroughly blonde beer.

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  1. Enjoying these reviews - most beer bloggers feel obliged to fawn, go week kneed and generally wet their pants over everything that comes out of BrewDog. Like you I have tried several of their beers (although no where near as many as you are planning to go through) and have also found them something of a mixed bag.

    Of course some of their beers I have disliked others have raved over (apart from Nanny State which appears to have produced (shock!) mild criticism from even the most avid BrewDog supporters)so it's all down to personal taste. Which I know is stating the bleeding obvious, but which equally appears to have passed by the "BrewDog are great, they can do no wrong" crowd. I also fear that BrewDog are starting to believe their own publicity if some of the b*llocks they come out with is taken at face value. I hope I'm wrong there because that was disaster lies.