BrewDogging #21; Paradox Islay

As a self-proclaimed Riptide lover and uber-fan of Islay malts, this ought to be a marriage made in heaven. Instead, it's an uneasy relationship - the binding energy of that base stout seems to have been lost in the ageing process, the TCP flavours are underplayed, the smoke is wafting past and not clinging to my throat, the mouthfeel is thin. Perhaps my bottle was starting to fade, though it's got another two years on its best before. Perhaps batch 015 wasn't the most full-on. Perhaps I've developed an anti-TCP gene.

Given that Brewdog revel in producing hard-hitting flavoursome ales, it seems a shame that an opportunity such as an Islay stout seems to have gone begging. This could have been full of singing whisky flavours but pulls the final knockout punch.

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  1. Ah, don't say that! I have two bottles the guys kindly sent for review, and I've been waiting to drink them with two whisky nuts in the office.

    Still, they're German and it'll be a vast new experience for them :)