When bimbles go bad

It's difficult to put into words the sheer beery fun that the Derbyshire bimble was a few weeks ago. Yes, we only made it to two pubs out of seven. Yes, we started by drinking 6.8% beer. Yes, I may or may not have made a little girl cry.

But I know this much is true. Because I found everyone's photos.

It started off civil enough at the Talbot Taphouse, Ripley, with this outstanding French beer (yes, you read that right. Outstanding. And French).

And it ended at the Thorn Tree, Waingroves. The beers were excellent. Buxton Wild Axe (a mix of Wild Boar and Axe Edge) was feisty. Steel City Brew'em 101 - Fuggles, Goldings, ginger, smoked malt, saison yeast - was actually too drinkable. 

There was a little bit of temporary tattoo action going on:

And then... it all started with the Ginger Merkin. Worn here by an upstanding member of the Waingroves community:

Who decided to join in with the puppet show:

And gave us some fermenter-fresh beer:

Which got dressed up:

As did Kat:

And Jen. Or Super Fuzz Ginger Muff as she's now known:

And then there was facepaint:

Too much facepaint:

And bromance (or should that be brewermance?)

All in all, par for the course.

Thanks to the usual suspects for taking part, big up to Mike and Geoff from Buxton and apologies to the regulars of the Thorn Tree. We won't do it again. Honest...