New Wave Of British Keggy Metal

From beeripedia:

"The New Wave of British Keggy Metal, or NWOBKM /nˈwɒbkm/, is a brewing movement that started in the late 1990s, in Britain, and achieved international attention by the early 2010s. 

It is a way of describing a second wave of British kegged beer brewing that emerged during the period of cask beer's ubiquity, the influence of American keg and the influx of New World hops. 

The movement developed as a reaction in part to the insipidness of early keg beer styles such as bitter and mild. 

NWOBKM brewers toned down the twiggy influences of earlier British keg, incorporated elements of punk, decreased pasteurisation, increased the hopping ratio and adopted a "tougher" attitude, taking a flavoursome approach to its brewing. 

It is a scene directed almost exclusively at contempoarary brewing fans. The era is considered to be a major foundation stone for the extreme brewing genres 1".

British brewers putting quality beers, packed full of flavour and innovation, into kegs that allow for those beers to be served at the optimal temperature and condition for their styles, are to be celebrated.

The celebration starts here.

If you're a UK brewer putting exciting beer into kegs, you may qualify for the New Wave Of British Keggy Metal Hall Of Fame.

Here's our first inductee: Richard Chamberlin of Brewster's.

Want to join? Get someone to grab a camera and shake your keg for me. Tattoos optional.

1. Mercilessly adapted from the \m/etal-tastic Wiki page for the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.


  1. are we excluded cos we don't have any keggy metal - ours are plastic... we are quite new wave though, and allergic to twigs

  2. Not the most catchy acronym is it? Most small scale craft brewers in the uk, Like Dave above, use plastic kegs of some description. In fact there can't be that many true craft brewers using metal kegs in the uk.