How to have a top-ten beer blog on ebuzzing

#1: Write one post that a bunch of people link to and retweet.

#2: Uh... that's it.

Of course, it helps if the said post is that giddy mixture of rapier-like wit and all all-knowing cynicism. Like this.

(And, yes, I'm not backward at coming forward to blow my own trumpet whilst mixing metaphors. This is blogging. It's self-promotion).

Some of you really, really, really want to get noticed on ebuzzing. I've been trying to get off there since it was Wikio. Because:

- it sells itself as "We seed Branded content on social media". It can keep its seed to itself.

- the only people who give a toss about the rankings are certain bloggers and PR agencies. Revelling in the rankings is akin to circle-jerking. And PR agencies ought to work harder for their clients than blind-mailing top-20 blog lists about London bars, electronic cigarettes and marzipan.


- signal is not the same as noise

- influence is not the same as reach

- saying something interesting / entertaining / educational / irreverent is not the same as been talked about

Write for the fun of it. Write to exorcise demons. Write to further your knowledge and that of others. Write to just bloody enjoy writing.

And, please - don't forget that as a beer blogger is was beer that brought you here.

Enjoy beer.

It *really* is as simple as that.


  1. Wait, I'm top 20 and I'm not on the marzipan mailing list - can you forward me their details?

  2. There's marzipan?! I really need to blog more often, if only my mother was wrong and all the circle jerking hadn't sent me blind.....

  3. Nah, it's all something to do with Frank Sidebottom surely?

  4. I didn't even mention the Bacardi. You all got the Bacardi, didn't you? I made chocolates with mine.

  5. I need to stop banging on about the whole women and beer thing, I'm just drowning in tena lady

    Well more suffocating than drowning, they are super absorbent

  6. I think that blogging is a bit like dancing - the best bloggers blog like nobody is really watching, if someone is and they are impressed then all the better, but it's the process not the effect.

    That said, being on the marzipan list would be nice...

  7. Kirsty - can you send me some? They're great if you put them in the freezer & then put them in your slippers when your feet are tired.

  8. And as far as dancing - I make David Brent look like Michael Jackson. No, not the bearded one. Keep up.

  9. Feck, I'm number one for the third month running and STILL no fecker's sent me any fecking marzipan! And I LOVE marzipan!

  10. Given that, apparently, I even eat minging bacon you think there would be nothing that I wouldn't ingest.

    But I honestly, truly, really cannot fecking abide marzipan.

    I'd rather grate my foot cheese into a verruca omelette.

  11. I'm with you.

    Martyn 'King Blogger' *bow, scrape' can have my marzipan. I'd sooner suck in the defrosted tena ladies after they come out your slipper

  12. I was thinking of topping off the Tena with the gluey stuff that comes out my ears on warm nights. Which, once dried, has the exact same consistency & colour of marzipan.

    Come to think of it, it has the same flavour...

  13. People do seem to get wound up by it. As far as we can tell, the trick, for anyone who's really bothered, is to post quite a lot; write things which interest other people and encourage comments; and that get shared on Twitter. And then there's some kind of arbitrary decision made by the bloke who types up the list to decide the final ranking, anyway.

    That seeding thing is creepy.

  14. The thing is, Bailey, I'm not sure that posting frequency and comment numbers make a hoot of a difference. Unless more posts and more comments = more backlinks.

    Having to spend a chunck of my professional life listening to agencies tell me lies about analytics gives me this ingrained cynical mien, though...

  15. I think there's a 'throw enough mud some of it will stick' angle. That is, you're more likely to be consistently in the top ten if you consistently have posts 'go a little bit viral'; and you're more likely to have that happen if you write more posts. We have a form of blogging diarhoea so at least one of our twenty or so posts a month usually generates a bit of interest.