Towards a new beer vocabulary?

I want to think of a beery phrase that annoys you or makes you feel annoyed when others can't understand it in the way you do.

Then read the extract by Edward de Bono below.

Then tell me: do we need new words to describe brewing and beer? Do we need new thinking? Do we need both?  Or neither?


"Language is an encyclopaedia of ignorance.

...once perceptions and concepts are frozen into the permenence of language, they control and limit our thinking on any subject because we are forced to use these concepts.

Should we try to develop new concepts, others would not understand us (after accusing us of jargon) and would, in any case, interpret the new words in terms of existing ones.

... we need a lot of new words to allow us to say afresh things which are now said with concepts that are inadequate or carry a heavy negative baggage.

In order to make progress there are a lot of basic concepts that we may need to re-conceptulise".

- From I Am Right, You Are Wrong, 1991


  1. And you didn't even use the C word....

  2. Craft Beer.
    Craft Brewery.
    Artisan Beer.
    Artisan Brewery.

  3. Glyn - I try and avoid the C word wherever possible. Unlike some...

    Stringers - Top marks. Mind you, I've had some really po beer in my time.

    Tandy - not a fan, then?

    Anon - with such rapier-like wit, have you ever thought of becoming a beer blogger?

    I'm considering a few terms. For things like... your first sip of beer down the pub after a crap day of work. When the aroma and flavour of the beer are akin to being the last pieces of the jigsaw. Maybe.