An incomplete A-Z of beer

No, not the Oxford Companion.

Over at the other blog of mine - you know, the one that even fewer people read - I mooted the idea last year of hacking together an A-Z of beer. On random topics that I want to learn more about. Stuff that people may want to talk to me about. Or write a few paragraphs. Or express themselves through the medium of dance.

So let's get this kickstarted.

I'm looking for contributions / information / opinion / enlightenment on these first four topics:

* Attenuation
* Brettanomyces
* Chill haze
* Diacetyl

I'm particularly keen on hearing from brewers and academics for their practical and theoretical insights. Links to useful papers / presentations / learning resources are most welcome. Happy to chat to people over a pint if it can be arranged.

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  1. Do you have this blog on your radar? very useful for the technical side of things.