Profanity Stout: A f*****g b*****d of a beer

So, Williams Brothers Brewing have two entries in the Sainsbury's Great British Beer Hunt. You know the score, there, surely; sixteen beers new the store are pitted against each other with two 'winners' given a six-month listing starting just before Christmas. To be honest, I'm not too fussed about Caesar Augustus, their lager/IPA hybrid; I'd prefer it to be one or the other. Let me tell you, then, about their Profanity Stout.

It actually makes you say ****.

An aroma that's a heady mix of pith, milky chocolate and Parma Violets? **** yeah!

Flavours that dance between singed liquorice, cold coffee and sticky citrics? **** me!

No alcohol burn, no ruined toast notes. Just an honest-to-goodness ******* great beer.

This was developed by two students, Peter and Craig, from the world-renowned brewing couse at Heriot Watt University. Well, **** me, you've well and truely graduated with full ******* honours, lads.

As I almost said in the title, it's a fitting bombard of a beer. Or something like that.

And with my cap firmly doffed in the direction of the Fawlty Towers opening titles, I give you what Williams Brothers may have called the beer if they wanted to play with anagrams. And didn't actually have to sell the stuff on Sainsbury's shelves.


  1. Points off for missing the "Hairy T**t University" opportunity.

  2. Williams are one of those breweries that the otherwise harmonious two-palates-one-voice Boak and Bailey blogging relationship. I've never been that bowled over; she loves them.

    This does sound f**king good, though.

    (Can't help thinking about the tourettes chef scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm.)