Beer: An Incomplete A-Z

So, I've started another blog. Somewhere to blather on about all the other stuff that interests me.

What's the first thing that appears there?

A section about beer. Obviously.

Because there's a project I've wanted to keep separate from Reluctant Scooper. I'm just starting to take the history and science of beer seriously, as in academically so. I don't actually want to be a brewer - and you can quote me on that  - but I do want to know more. I've got half a mind on research, another degree etc and half on actually understanding what the hell is going on inside the shiny shiny stainless.

To those ends, I'm pursuing several threads. Membership of the Brewery History Society, Working on PhD proposals. Working towards the Fundamentals Of Brewing qualification. Spending time on brewdays talking about proper brewing stuff rather than just moping around and waiting for samples.

Because learning ought to be fun (© me, sometime during my over-enthusiastic trainer days, 1996-ish) I thought I'd start by hacking together an A-Z of scientific & historical brewing terms. But what would be more fun would be, rather than just Google it, if I were to ask brewers and historians for their input. And ask you, Joe blog-reading Public, what terms you'd like defining.

So, thinking caps on. Then toddle over to my sparkly new place and leave me ideas of what to look up. If you're a historian / brewer / over-opinionated git, I'd love you to get involved with helping me out. Drop me a line, leave a comment, send me a postcard etc.

PS - if any illustrators / cartoonists etc would like to have a crack at designing some alphabetical-type pieces for me, I'll pay you in beer. And T-shirt reproduction rights.

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