The 50lb challenge: September update

Four weeks into the diet and I've learned several things:

- You can have a weekend breakfast that doesn't have to include bacon
- You can still enjoy a beer festival or two whilst dieting. Just cut down on the pork pies.
- Not drinking for several days makes the palate grow fonder
- Long country walks are good. Spending two hours at the pub afterwards drinking the calories back on isn't so good.

The net result - eight pounds shed, eight quid in the jar on the mantle. I'm happy with that.

Next waypoint - another eight pounds before the Nottingham CAMRA festival in mid-October.

Thanks again for all the messages of support and donation pledges; if I haven't replied to you personally, I apologise.

Now, where did I put that bag of satsumas...


  1. OK, now I am off for a walk. Since you started this I have become lazier.

    A Good Beer Blog

  2. 8lbs in four weeks sounds like a good, sustainable rate to shed the excess, mate. Best of luck with that next 8.