12 days of IPA: The One From Oregon

There's always room for more learned discourse about India Pale Ale on the tinterweb.

But not here.

What can I add? Pete Brown has nailed the travelogue/potted history. Martyn Cornell excels at mythbusting. And Ron Pattinson has mined the rich seam of recipes long since peed up the brewery wall.

Which leaves me with only one viable option. Spend the next twelve days drinking whatever IPA I can buy, beg and blag. And make up some whacking great lies about the style.

Tonight's steaming pile of guano is brought to you in association with Rogue Yellow Snow IPA, which I bought from Ales By Mail solely because of the name. It's bitter, it looks good in a dull-gold-with-thousand-island-lacing way, but the hops seem to have been waylaid en route to my schnozz. It's got legs. Maybe later it'll open them up and show me its class.

Anyoldhow. Today's Obviously Made Up Fact About IPA is:

The name Hodgson chose originally for his export ale was Pale Indian Strong Session. It proved to be a disaster; a fortuitous game of Scrabble with Michael Bass inspired him to rename the beer and reap great rewards.


  1. When I saw you'd gotten an Oregon IPA, I was excited to see our fair state's product reaching an international market ... until I saw that it was Yellow Snow, a beer no one would put in their top twenty Oregon IPAs.

    Should you see any of these available, try them--they'll redeem us: Terminal Gravity, Oakshire, Ninkasi Total Domination, Pelican, or Fort George.

  2. Reluctant Scooper17 February 2011 at 20:26

    I'd love to try beers like those, Jeff, but UK distribution of those is non-existent.

    Perhaps I ought to sort out a trade. Or maybe this year is the one I finally haul myself over to Portland :-)