12 days of IPA: The One From Colorado

Back in 2008 at Beer Exposed, Eric Wallace of Left Hand Brewing told me the tale of how any, er, 'brewer' can chuck a bundle of hops into a brew. That it takes restraint to brew in balance. And so 400lb Monkey IPA was born.

Today I got to taste it on draught. And it was... good. Caramel-forward, dusty spicy hopped, a well-composed IPA. Worth £3.50 a half? Debatable. Better than Brewdog Punk IPA on keg? Let's not get involved in a dick-waving contest.

It was worth the experience: Left Hand 400lb Monkey is today's IPA. Not Punk, which was sampled on cask and keg in the company of Magic Rock Stu. Truth be told, it wasn't the tastiest beer of the day; that goes to Pictish Motueka. For which, as for the rest of his single-hop series, the brewer supplies the following tasting notes: "A pale, very hoppy beer brewed using [insert name] hops."

And a tilt of the glass to Matt Clarke from Thornbridge and Alex Barlow of ALLBeer; always a pleasure to share a beer and chew the fat with you.

Today's Obviously Made Up Fact About IPA:

An over-conditioned shipment of IPA erupted en route to India in 1876 resulting in the
The Carlsberg Ridge Incident, still the second-largest man-made explosion on Earth.