12 days of IPA: The One From Fraserburgh That's Changing

I have a fractious relationship with Brewdog Punk IPA. I've bemoaned the inconsistency of recipe and level fill. I've been caught up in the keg v cask 'debate'. I've winced slightly at the homage/straight steal from Stone of the bottle's wording.

But I know this much is true. It sits in my fridge eternally, the loyal and faithful retainer of hop promise, the dependable Labrador of beer that welcomes me home.

Tonight could have been the night when I compared Punks old (6%) and new (5.6%). It could have been the night when I lined a Punk up next to Thornbridge Jaipur and Marble Dobber. Instead, it's going to be the night when I stop prattling on the tinterweb, go the fridge and Just Drink Beer.

This bottle of Punk IPA, bitter and floral, was chugged down in the time it took to type this post. I now have to go and recover the next bottle from the freezer - 15 mins should do the trick- and then repeat, lather, rinse, repeat...

... but not forgetting today's Today's Obviously Made Up Fact About IPA:

East Kent Goldings hops were used in IPA not only for their preservative qualities in stopping the beer from spoiling on the long voyage but also because they stopped the beer drinker from contracting syphilis