Where Nobody Knows Your Name: Part 2

I'm still being grumpy in the corner but there's life in the old Scoop yet.

I'm enjoying doing what I used to do pre t'interweb days - drinking beer for the fun of it rather than drinking beer and writing/Tweeting about it. But there's plenty of news, reviews and interviews lined up for November. Thanks for all your comments, both here and elsewhere.

Being grumpy in the corner is a sojournment, not a retirement :-)

1 comment:

  1. Nice to know it's only a sojournment.

    I remember the day I asked your real name, and you were somewhat reluctant to let me know. Funny really, because Ann and I always refer to you as Reluctant.

    Anyway, can't you still be grumpy in the corner, even when you do come back? Sometimes I like nothing better than being grumpy in the corner.