Where Nobody Knows Your Name: Part 3

An afternoon spent skulking around pubs reveals these immutable truths:

- old men will argue how Bass / Landlord used to taste better until they drop down dead.

- there are few finer food and beer combos than a pint of Thornbridge Jaipur and a doorstep chip butty

- every rainy day is made brighter by the unexpected introduction of ska to the jukebox

- local brewers often reveal themselves to be opinionated cocks when they talk to customers without realising what that customer may actually know about beer

- there are fewer finer topering experiences in an English pub than enjoying a real ale, served by a real character, who draws a real fire and then pulls up a real solid wooden chair for you to sit in.

- when the leaves are starting to fall from the trees, it's time to unleash those fat, sticky, malty beers. Hops for summer; malts for winter.

Pubs drank in today: 3

Pints drank: 7 (Sarah Hughes Dark Rich Ruby * 1, Thornbridge Jaipur *3, Brunswick Father Mike's Dark Rich Ruby * 3)

Number of different beers on offer in those pubs: 30

Potential scoops on offer: 9

Scoops drank: 0

Reluctant Scooping score: max


  1. I always try to preface my comments when talking about beer with strangers with the words "as you probably know …", since they may very well probably know, and quite possibly better than me.

  2. I reckon more malt can only be a good thing, aye. And if the onset of Autumn is what it takes to bring it on, then I'll start shaking the leaves of the bloody trees myself in August if I have to.