Where Nobody Knows Your Name

There's a great feeling about drinking in a city where no-one stops you and asks your opinion about beer.

To sit in the corner, by the bar billiards, enjoying a great pint and realising - that's why I got into this scene in in the first place.

It's time for me to be that grumpy guy in the corner again. The one who sips on his pint, incompletes the crossword and doesn't really mind. In the place you wanna go. Where nobody knows your name.


  1. You know that feeling when one of your favourite bands splits up and you know you'll never see them play live again? I feel a bit like that today.

    It's been a joy to read Relunctant Scooper.

  2. Never say never. I need to be elsewhere and can't do this site justice in the meantime.

    Once I've got that tricky third album out of the way, I'll be back on the road with my greatest hits ;-)

  3. Sad about that, but glad you'll be doing what now you need the most.

  4. I'll miss your humour and sideways look at life. Enjoy your pints without having to write down what they taste like.
    Cheers and beers!