Uniform pricing

I've been to a festival today that was unusual in several respects.

It was held in a private member's club, although the festival was open to the public.

It served forty-plus cask beers in tip-top condition, half a dozen on handpull from the member's bar and the rest on perfectly-cool stillage.

It sold the most attractive cheese and onion cob that I've seen in a long while.

And every beer cost £1.25 a half. From Theakston's Mild at 3.5% on gravity to Fuller's Golden Pride at 8.5%.

How many festivals do you know with uniform beer pricing?


  1. The Star Huddersfield, you buy a glass and then tokens are £1 each. Each token is worth a half. 50 beers available with this payment system (another 10 changing inside, but normal bar charging). Still not many 6%+ beers..

  2. Hartlepool round table festival always has uniform pricing for the cask beers, 1 half = 1 token.

    bottles and wine are 2 tokens if i remember correctly.

    which reminds me i must see when it's on this year..

  3. I went to one like this a couple of years ago - excellent system, no mess, no fuss. Better than having heaps of cash lying around, and much better than the fiddly and inconvenient system adopted by my local beer fest.

  4. Not many. I dont think that's unreasonable though. Different beers will cost different amounts to make (and therefore will surely cost festival organisers different amounts?). Surely this should be reflected in the price you pay?

    What annoys me more is the way that a half can cost more than half the price of a pint. At a festival, I just dont understand that.