The Brewing Network

I stumbled across The Brewing Network last year when Kelly Ryan of Thornbridge was interviewed for their Sunday show. It's a series of US-based internet radio shows, based around a homebrewing topic or an interview with a beer bod. Beer geeks talking to other beer geeks about beer sounds like the kind of show that makes you want to set fire to yourself before running off the top of a tall building, but these guys are really something else. If there's a line to be crossed, they'll weave back and forth over it until you can't find the line. If there's gas to be passed, it's on the mic. If there are opinions to flaunt, they'll flaunt them. And occasionally they talk about beer.

The Sunday Show has the kind of guests that you want to kick back with, share a beer and hear their stories. A couple of weeks ago, the mighty Jay Brooks of the Brookston Beer Bulletin was on the show; it was great to hear the backstory of such a great beer writer. Kelly was interviewed last year, as were BrewDog. And, of course, there's the barely contained zoo that is the regular brewcasters in the studio, ably whipped into shape by the host, Justin Crossley.

When I first heard the show, I thought "Who the hell are these arseholes? When are they going to talk about beer?". Thirty minutes later, I was laughing so hard that I was chewing snot. Because the Brewing Network is all about the beer. And beer is all about having a good time.

Justin said on a recent show that bloggers can't be listening to the show because no-one was writing about it. Well, Justin, there you go. Big up to a show that brews strong and drinks them like they stole them.

The Brewing Network shows can be downloaded as podcasts. I'd start with the Sunday Session for the full-fat flavour; the recent Jay Brooks show is a goodie, Kelly staves off sleep in the Thornbridge show and snot may come out of your nose when you listen to the Not Talking About Beer Hour in the Beer and Chocolate podcast.

And, they've got a Facebook page and can be found over on Twitter too.

I've kicked in my couple of bucks a month as a Private First Class of the BN Army - if you like what your hear, go support them. Beer and co-ax cable don't grow on tree, you know.


  1. "Because the Brewing Network is all about the beer. And beer is all about having a good time."

    You "get it". Thanks for your support of the BN, they are a great bunch of folks (plus JP).

  2. The BN is much more than just a podcast. A chatroom runs at the same time as the podcast. Beer geeks from around the world hang out in the chat while listening. Comments are made about the show and a chatroom monitor in the studio passes questions from the chat to the people in the studio. Listeners get to know one another and often become friends. As far as I know this is a unique multimedia community.

  3. Welcome private.

    I've been to GBBF for the last couple of years in my BN army uniform but had yet to encounter any other UK soldiers. I was beginning to worry I was fighting a lone battle.

    Do you live in Derby? I live near Burton. It's a small world.

    Private Soilboy

  4. Soil,

    I was in a BN hoodie, sweating my ass off, on the thursday this year.

    Would have been good to hang out!


  5. The americans have really embraced beer radio, and it's a great way to connect with people. I'll give it a shot.