BrewDogging #24; Nanny State

Let's keep this simple. Brewdog said; "Will we legitimately go down as having invented the Imperial Mild genre in the beer splattered pages of brewing history?"


They will go down in history as the inventors of a hop tea masquerading as a beer.

Words fail me when it comes to describe this beer. Which makes for a shit review. Apologies. Suffice to say, it's just relentless hops. Let's say you enjoy a hoppy beer. This is like tasting your favourite hoppy beer. Then having a sackful of hop cones thrust down your throat, up your nose and into your soul. You will sweat hops the next morning. You could gargle charcoal but still taste the hops.

Of course, there's a whole backstory to this beer. Their point is well made. Shame the beer didn't follow suit.

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  1. I'll skip this one. I imagine you description of a hop tea sums it up very well. Didn't much like How to Disappear Completely either.