Thundercats! Is that right?

I like to pride myself that I usually have my thumb on the digital pulse. It's more echoey that way.

Today, CAMRA held a mass rally to take their protest over the duty escalator to Parliament and also carried out a Twitter Thunderclap. Apparently. I guess the tweeps I follow were too busy drinking down the pub to take part.

Anyoldhow, I misread Thunderclap for Thundercats. Which conjured up a vaguely disturbing image:

Now I'm going to be careful here. Some of my friends were in the rally today; brewers, publicans, writers, opinionaters. Passionate people with a vested interest in sustaining the industry. But from what I did see across my Twitter feed, there was also an outstanding amount of hyperbole and backslapping about 'saving the pub'.

I'll say this again, for the record: I'd rather people stood up and marched and spoke for what they believe in rather than be an armchair warrior.

But, and I'll say this again too and keep saying it until I turn a peculiar shade of something: sign what you want to sign. March where you want to march. Tweet what you want to thunderclaptweet.

Just... please... if someone can explain to me how pubs will benefit more from a beer duty reduction than the supermarkets will, I'll buy you a pint and you can tell me all about it.

Then I'll buy you a pint and talk to you about cutting the VAT rate for the hospitality industry. You remember, the tax break that already has an EU precedent and would make a demonstrable financial difference to pubs and bars from day one of implementation.

And argue that Cheetara would totally rip the face off Pumrya. Probably.


  1. There surely needs to be a Golden Pints award for beer blog / twitter illustrations. That is just...immense.

  2. You could argue that reduced VAT for the hospitality industry would benefit McDonalds just as much as pubs.

    And it would be somewhat ironic if they did it, but excluded alcoholic drinks ;-)

  3. Dammit. Now I'll have the Thundercats theme in my head for the rest of the day, by Thundera!