Pints D'Or 2012

Best UK Draught (Cask or Keg) Beer

None. I only like Orval

Best UK Bottled or Canned Beer

Which part of the above answer did you not understand?

Best Overseas Draught Beer


Best Overseas Bottled or Canned Beer

Orval. Like, duh!

Best Overall Beer

Greene King IPA Orval

Best Pumpclip or Label

Best UK Brewery

Ones that try to make something like Orval. Which is none. Even in their wildest dreams

Best Overseas Brewery


Pub/Bar of the Year

Any that sell Orval. Like this one

Beer Festival of the Year

Uh, any that sold Orval.

Supermarket of the Year

None, coz the one's round here don't sell Orval

Independent Retailer of the Year

Ones that sell Orval (should have been Bellini's but they'd sold out today. Grrr.)

Online Retailer of the Year They sell Orval. Except when they're out of stock

Best Beer Book or Magazine

Ones with Orval in it. Like this one

Best Beer Blog or Website

Ones about Orval. There hasn't been a better one since this

Best Beer Twitterer

Orval aren't on Twitter, fool

Best Online Brewery presence


Food and Beer Pairing of the Year

Orval and chips

In 2013 I’d Most Like To…

Drink more Orval

Open Category: You Choose

I choose to drink more Orval

With slight apologies to the Golden Pints Awards 2012. A semi-serious blog about it tomorrow.



  1. For me Orval's winning the overseas bottled beer category again this year. I've liked it for years but ever since I saw the top tip of drink it fresh on Stuart Howe's blog I can't get enough of it.

  2. I’m just making some chips shaped like Orval funnily enough

  3. Skittle-shaped chips? Have you ever thought of opening a pop-up fryer in the hipster parts of Olde London Town?

  4. Loser. I only drink petit orval - the drink of proper beer geek champions