Proud sponsors of... Tantallon Victoria FC

I work in the commercial department of a Championship football club. I recognise the brand exposure that a keen sponsorship deal can bring.

All well and good, except for two things. As far as this site is concerned:

- I can't really afford a sponsorship deal, and
- I don't want brand exposure

But this offer was too good to resist.

Trolling my way across Twitter (for purely professional purposes, natch) I noticed this:

I'd made that much out of my Amazon Associates account, mostly by drunks clicking through on the book reviews and subsequently purchasing expensive shampoo and, um, gentleman's literature.

Heineken had the Olympics. To unleash John Smith's Smooth on the unfearing masses.

The Beer Bloggers Conference no longer have Molson Coors. Maybe MC woke up and smelt the re-tweets.

But I now sponsor Tantallon Victoria FC. Strathclyde Saturday Morning Football League. Division Two. Here they are:

Strictly speaking, I sponsor Thomas "Tank" Jaimieson, fourth from the left on the back row. Here he is.

I chose him because I asked to sponsor the player most likely to take the twenty quid and spend it on beer.

None of the team seem shy to celebrate / commiserate with a beer. Tales of a pink team bus, losing their kit and 7-1 trouncings run riot across their Twitter account.

Needless to say, my sponsorship will inevitably involve a trip up north at some stage. I wonder if sponsors are encouraged to bring beer with them...

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  1. I wonder if sponsors are encouraged to bring beer with them...

    Put it this way, I hardly think they'll be discouraged.