A Derbyshire twiss-up-bimble-thing

Saturday 8h September. You're all invited.

Rough plan:

- Meet in a Derby Spoons for breakfast. The Standing Order. Or Thomas Leaper. Whichever has fewer piss-stinking tramps in it.

- 1135 bus to Ripley for Talbot Taphouse (Amber Ales brewery tap). This is the only definite timing point of the day. We make the rest up depending on how we want to pace things.

- bus onto Thorn Tree at Waingroves (rare cask with the distinct possibility of Steel City & Buxton beers)

*edit* there will be a beerfest on here, organised by Derby CAMRA's Winter Beerfest 2012 uber-beer-buyer Chris Sherratt. Game on!

- bus to Langley for the Butchers Arms (no idea what it's like but the bus that stops outside the Thorn Tree also stops outside here)

- short walk to Queen's Head, Marlpool (usually a good run of contemporary English cask beers)

- bus from outside there to General Havelock, Ilkeston (more of the same - it's the Queen's sister pub - with the addition of craft keg. Probably from Summer Wine).

- back into Derby (for chips, banter, aimless wandering etc).

Most of the pubs have a bus stop outside them. An individual all-day ticket costs £5; a group ticket (five people) only costs £12 so it's cheap at chips to get around.

I can't guarantee another round of Top Trumps as good as the one we had in the Poet & Castle last time out, but I'll promise not to put every one on the wrong bus again. Probably.

Let me know below if you're interested.


  1. Should've spoke up sooner. The wife and I will probably be in Sheffield the following weekend.

  2. Ah, shame. Maybe there will be time to meet up in Sheff?

  3. Well we've not booked anything yet. The twissup week would see us missing Tandleman, as he'll apparently be sunbathing in Spain until the 14th. Flight prices are indeed better for the 11th-18th as well.

    But I've never been to a twissup!

    Either way, there'll also be the Nottingham weekend.

  4. This is more of an occasional tweety thing than a full-blown twissup. Go and see Grandpa Tandy; don't forget to pack your drinking trousers for Nottinghsm.

  5. Japanese chicken at the General Havelock btw. And Lebanese kebabs. And burgers. Proper end-of-sesh nom.

  6. Working with Chris on sourcing beers for Thorn Tree. It will be well worth settling in for.

  7. Thorn Tree has beer fest to (hopefully) include Steel City Brew'm 101 & Buxton Wild Axe (a mix of Wild Boar and Axe Edge). And a hog roast. And a shit-ton of other great beer.