What's it all about? Ah, feck it (beforehand) (9,6)

Sat in a pub, wanting quiet time, you have to adopt a strategy.

Initially, I poured Anheuser (3)

The thousand-yard stare makes punters jumpy. Twitching on Twitter is too geeky.

Burt changes with a holiday in the sun? (3,5)

A sharpened pencil and folded paper helps.

Takes lane by weir, tottering (6,4)

Because, if in doubt, you can just scrawl some bollocks in the corner of The Times

In the trub, it terminates? Please, Klaus! (6)


  1. OK 1 3 and 4 are pretty easy. (4 is a great crossword clue) can't figure out 2...got any clues?

  2. Rearrange burt. Where the result is found is same as "holiday in the sun"