For the love of Stella

It's not a dirty secret. It's not incompatible with my love of other beers. It's not an attempt at being 'post-ironic'.

It's what I drink when I'm at Morley Hayes golf club. Somewhere that I've eating burgers, drinking lagers and not playing golf at for almost twenty years.

It's what I associate with a place where I come to relax, celebrate & commiserate. Where I've attended business meetings and family greetings. Weddings and wakes.

The menu has changed along with my hopes, ambitions and waistline. But Stella has been my constant companion.

It may not be the beer for you. But you won't think anything less of me for declaring my love of it. Will you?

"If you label me, you negate me".


  1. Just bought a new labelling machine, now, where to start......JOHNSON!

  2. Well done, Sir. Noticed any change since it went to 4.8% ?

  3. Cooking lager, I think Mrs Scoop gets beaten 0.2% less.

  4. More to the point did you notice the change when they took out the hops and dropped it to 5%?

    I used to love Stella, find it a bit Meh now. It has turned into Cooking Lager.

  5. It sounds, though, as if you're saying you love the experience of drinking it in a particular context, rather than the taste of the beer itself. Are we being unfair in writing Stella off as nasty? That's certainly been our experience of it to date, but do you think we should give it another try?

  6. No, Stella is nasty. But I’m fed up with people slagging off other people's choice of beer. The other night I was in a bar while a "craft beer" enthusiast moaned what a pity it was that the place sold Tennent's. Can't we let people drink Tennent's or Stella if they want to?

  7. Barm -- ah, yes, fair point. Same thing happens with music, too.

  8. I like Stella. Or at least I used to. Haven't had it in ages :/

  9. Some answers:

    - no, I've never noticed the changes. They've been gradual, not seismic.

    - yes, it's all about context. And that's why, when I take a bottle out my fridge at home, it tastes of relaxation rather than maize.

    - well said, Barm. I drink in a pub that serves John Smith's Extra Smooth, Carling, Peroni and Magic Rock High Wire on four fonts. We all drink different. What do we talk about? Football, sex, work, DIY etc. It's only beer geeks in beer geek pubs that want to talk about beer. There are better things to talk about...