Twenty breweries: Brewdog

Brewdog = Marmite.

I can't think of any other British brewer that polarise opinion in the way that Fraserburgh's finest do. Stoats stuffed with freeze-distilled beer. Dwarfs protesting outside Parliament. A Bar With No Cask. Never backwards at steamrolling forward with PR that complies to the law of contrary opinion.

Plenty of mouth is one thing. Do they have the brew trousers to match? Well, in four short years their beers have passed into the lore of British New Wave Of Hoppy Brewing. The steady hand of Martin Dickie has pushed Punk IPA and Riptide to the fore as worthy competitors to Jaipur and St Petersburg as brewed at his former employer, Thornbridge.

With an assertive export programme, ceaseless experimentation with ingredients at both extremes of the ABV spectrum and their own bars starting to bloom, Brewdog may or may not be forging a 'craft beer revolution'. Call it what you will; as long as you can call the end product 'damn tasty beer' then I'm behind them.

If only I could persuade James Watt that a beer actually brewed with Marmite might work...

Why try? Leftfield brews that you can't fail to have an opinion about.

What to look for? Punk IPA, 5am Saint - both on keg. And Paradox, the whisky-aged stout.

Where to buy? Their own bars and website, plus a host of top ale pubs and bars such as the Sheffield and Euston Taps.


  1. Aren't all beers brewed with Marmite? As in, that's what's at the bottom of the fermentor when the beer is racked off?

  2. Well, it's proto-Marmite. I want to see the salty-savoury stuff go back in. Post-fermentation?

  3. 5 a.m. Saint on keg - meh. But the cask Saint is a thing of real beauty - likewise cask Zeitgeist and Edge (a low-strength dark mild - they're subverting their own subversiveness!).

  4. Marmite's original recipee is from old Brewers' yeast from Burton-On-Trent so maybe Steve Wellington could fix this!

  5. Managed to get some Punk on cask this week. Lovely stuff. To me it was in perfect condition.

    Phil: The 5am Saint on cask is sublime, but I've never managed to find Zeitgeist or Edge.

  6. Happy as I was to neck back cask 5am Saint recently, the keg version I had at the recent SIBA festival was just - only just - more to my taste.

    Edge is a superb cask beer that seems to turn up in unexpected places for me like my local (it was on the Molson-Coors listing) and at Wetherspoons (during their last fest).

    One thing I love about Burton is which way the way the wind's blowing. When you step off the train you smell either curry, Marmite or brewing depending on the wind direction.