Spring; sprung

Randy bird mating calls - fluid warbling. A recalcitrant petrol lawnmower being kick-started. Air temperature just the right side of cool. Magnolias opening their petals and showing their class. The whiff of fish & chips wafting from the kitchen.

And a pint of Whim Armadillo, sublime tropical, effortlessly drinkable, thoroughly incorrigible.

There are many great beer experiences in the world. But it's hard to beat a perfect pint of English cask beer in an English pub garden at the start of an English spring.

Royal Oak, Ockbrook, 1848, Thursday April 7th 2011


  1. Not. Jealous. At. All.

    [He mutters staccato through clenched teeth]


  2. I bet that fresh seafood on the beach with a cold Epic would run it a close second.

    And I'm doing my damnest to be in a position to try that. This year ;-)

  3. If that is the case, we shall be brewing with you :)