Westvleteren to release cask beer in UK

In a move that's rocked the beer world, revered Trappist brewers Westvleteren have announced that they're producing a new brew - exclusively for the UK cask market.

The monks are renowned for their high quality beers which are usually hard to obtain; their beer isn't sold commercially for profit. However, with the abbey's expansion plans finally approved (to house the Gareth Prescott Institute of Crystal Malt Research), the abbey decided that only a special cask beer could generate the necessary funds.

Brewed today only and then matured for a year, the high-ABV Double Tripel Smoked Hefe Porter is said to offer rich candied toffee flavours, topped with preserved fruit aromas with just a hint of anchovy.

Due for release exclusively in J D Wetherspoons pubs on April 1st next year, Tim Martin could neither confirm nor deny that he'd already commissioned a Flemish translation of 'coming soon' for the commemorative pumpclips.


  1. OMG! That's, like, the sweetest news ever. I'm going to get some growler fills. Those cheeky monks are freaking cool.

  2. cool! double tripel smoked hefe porter = rotfl

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  4. "high-ABV Double Tripel Smoked Hefe Porter"
    I coudn't invent a funnier style, LOL