Everyone Wants to Shag... the Reluctant Scooper

New colour scheme, new features, new wishlist. Same old attitude, same old rules, same old situation.

Extensive market research has been conducted. Opinions of topers from far and wide were gathered over countless pints. Some ideas were ditched like hot trub. Others have been in maturation for months and are ready to be dry-hopped with heaps of sarcasm.

Expect tales of brewing, of brewers on the piss, of topering along the river. Expect book reviews, beer reviews, cheese and choc and pie reviews. Mmmmm, cheesy chocolate pie.

More A-Zs. More Fifteen Fabulous Facts. More TLAs. More OMGWTFBBQ to the power of eleventy-one.

I'm putting it out and about. I'm brewing, racking and packing. I'm pulling, washing and stacking. I'm selling, buying and flying.

My advice? Count to ten and run for cover...*

* and still no apologies for the musical allusions - this post was brought to you with the assistance of Julian Cope et al played VERY LOUDLY


  1. I'm loving the new look, but I wouldn't go so far as shagging you, I'm afraid.

  2. well, the colour scheme looks definitely julian cope-ish!

  3. very nice mate, see you next week ;-)

  4. Oh yeah - I LIKE it. I may to up my game!! You'll be challenging Dredge soon for that Blogging Crown, you young whippersnapper, you!!