In Manchester: Pictures

I went to Manchester and I saw this brewery:

Where this coat-losing brewer does his stuff:

And brews beers like these:

And then went to this festival:

Where I chatted to Des De Moor:

Enjoyed Moor JJJ IPA with Dave and Ann from The Woolpack Inn, Boot, Cumbria:

And watched Jeff Pickthall spread his nuts on the table

I'll be back to Manc more. It's enthralled me each time I've visited.

"By no stretch of the imagination is Manchester a picturesque city. In common with all things is fundamentally flawed. It has a compulsion to preen and show off. It is narcissistic, contrary and wayward, and yet you cannot help but love it. It is both admirable and maddening."

Chris Lethbridge


  1. I like it! Great pics, too!

  2. Marble's beers are excellent, they really are. My brewery of the moment, for sure. Had a good time at the fest, too! Missed the Moor IPA though, it had gone by Saturday and the time I got there.

  3. Cask beer of the festival for me was Marble Pint. As it usually is at a festival when it's available! Then again I probably had a jaded palette due to working on the foreign bar and drinking smoked beers most of the night.