Non-Existent Beer Buzzwords #94

'blue sky drinking' - having a beer outdoors where fresh air can lead to fresh thoughts.

'drinking outside the box' - not settling for the usual pick & mix selection from the wholesalers

'run it up the cellar steps and see who salutes it' - presenting a new beer to your fellow topers to garner their opinion

'picking the low hanging fruit' - settling for a Mongozo on a hot day

'don't bring me problems, bring me solutions' - of myrcene

'Craft Beer 2.0' - Like Craft Beer but with even more pointless video clips. And +1s in the G+ tumbleweed

The next time I cascade availability intelligence about resource deliverables and you want to become an active contributor in a shared experiential brainstorming session, we'll pre-prepare and go forward together to touch base about it offline.


  1. Yes, let's synergise to create win-win scenarios...

  2. "joined-up drinking" - an all-day session that seemed like a good idea at the time