How to not drink cask beer at a CAMRA beer festival

1) Go to the CAMRA National Winter Beer Festival in Manchester
2) Visit the foreign bar and order draught German rauchbier or bottles of dunkel
3) Er…. that’s it.

It’s no reflection on the quantity, quality and range of cask beer that was on offer. But I don’t get to try draught German beer too often, certainly not the likes of Schlenkerla Urbock. And the bottles were enticing; though I started off ordering “the one beginning with V and ending in Dunkel”, I was soon wrapping my lips around “Vierzehnheiligen Nothelfer Trunk” like a native. Albeit a native that slurred his words and pointed at lot.

Props to Craig "The Machine" Garvie for a few surreptitious slurps of cask along the way and to Tandleman for... well, for being Tandleman and helping to put on a damn good show.

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  1. That's pretty much what I did, too. In fact at beer festivals offering foreign draught beer that's what I always do - I can drink cask beer 365 days a year, but how often do I get to drink such a decent range of imported stuff? It's a shame our paths didn't cross, though.

    Oh, and apparently Vierzehnheiligen means fourteen angels (holy helpers?) - much easier to say in a hurry ;-)