Love is...

Raking semi-frozen moss out of the back lawn. Because I love my garden.

Walking up to the farm to buy a gammon steak for my Sunday lunch. Because I love supporting local food producers.

Making crab souffles for a Valentine's Day supper. An absolute fiddly-bastard-kitchen job. Because my wife loves them and I love my wife.

Screaming myself hoarse at England's misguided kicking game/persisting to play Dylan Hartley as hooker/still keeping too flat a back line. Because I love my rugby.

Drinking Burton Bridge Porter, Humpty Dumpty Lemon & Ginger, Fox Grizzly Beer. Because some beer is made to be loved. Because some beer is made with love. And I love drinking beer that's chock full of malt, hops and love.

"Love is a fan club with only two fans"
- Adrian Mitchell

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