I am the STIG's fatter beery cousin

Some say he sleeps in a mash tun and smells vaguely of porridge. And that he once attended a beer festival and drank nothing but dandelion and burdock. All we know is he's called The Reluctant Scooper... and he's back.

A bit of a site wash & brush up, the summer's agenda set, my insatiable hop craving's still itching and I'm ready for the future (which happens to be kegged dark lager. Honest. Slap my backside and call me Mabel if I'm lying).

Welcome to those who visited in their droves during March and April, despite the lack of new content. And a twitterific hello @mynewfollowers.

This week, I will mostly be posting a few articles that have been kicking arouund a while. None of which involve tarmasalata. Warning - obscure cultural references to BBC comedy series will continue.

But, be assured - this site contains absolutely no aspinol...

WARNING: This site may contain aspinol.