The Session

The Session. Beer Blogging Friday.

I stumbled across this back in 2009 and have been taking part on-and-off ever since.

It's a simple premise; a beer blogger chooses a topic, bloggers all over the world write about it on the first Friday of the month, the host then creates a round-up of those posts.

The topics have ranged from various beer styles through to food, dispense and travel, onto abstracts such as atmosphere and redemption.

One of the reasons I love The Session is that it makes me stop and think. And write about something different. And learn from other bloggers' posts.

If you run a beer blog, I heartily suggest giving The Session a go. And volunteer to host it to; I did back in 2007 on the topic of Cask, Keg, Bottle? and it opened my eyes to a whole load of beer bloggers that I never knew existed.

Shared knowledge is a wonderful thing :-)